Chocolate Snowflake Box

filled with 5 assorted chocolates.  Fun and unique gift!


$10.00 in milk or white chocolate

5 piece box

cute bunny peeking out the window

filled with 5 Spring theme chocolates


Welcome Home for the Holidays

Chocolate House Box, filled with 10 holiday assorted chocolates, perfect new home gift too!



The hot new trend this season! So many flavors to choose from:

Milk Chocolate, Fluffy White Chocolate, Peppermint, Spicy Mexican, Pink Unicorn, Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel & Spiced Apple Cider

Available in

single $6.00 each

double $12.00

or 4 pack gift set $21.00 

Chocolate Corncopia

surrounded and filled with dipped Oreos, turtles, dipped pretzels, dipped potato chips, assorted barks, sea salted caramels, krispy caramel treats, toffee, ganache & truffle flavors include: pumpkin spice, chai, rum, raspberry to name just a few! Over 8 pounds of chocolate! 

$ 125.00

Bunny on Board

this cute bunny is ready for a ride!

milk or white chocolate available


These holiday theme Chocolate Covered Oreo are so cute and yummy, makes a great stocking stuffer

 3.5" of pure bliss!

$8.00 in milk or white chocolate

Bunny Box

fun for any basket!

filled with yummy candies

milk or white chocolate available


 Handmade, small batch chocolates are our specialty.  Holidays are the perfect time for chocolate! See all the fun holiday chocolates below! 

questions? need info?

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

It's a classic and so delish!

$10.00 each