About Us

     The idea of City Girl Chocolates started while growing up in a big Italian family in New York, where really good food and pastries were hand made all the time. Little did I know that learning the techniques of baking and cooking from my mother and grandmother, would lead to owning a chocolate shop.  With over 20 years in the confectionary industry creating chocolate designs, truffles, molded items, dipping and teaching chocolate making classes., makes our chocolates one of a kind.  We pride ourselves on custom orders and matching the chocolate to your theme.  We love the "ooohs & aaaahhhhs" that come from every order delivered.  Located in Nashville, TN, our commitment to make the finest chocolate with the best ingredients, keeping fresh and local buying a priority, makes us stand out in our industry.

     Visit us often, as our selections change with the seasons,  Like us on Facebook and Instagram  and tell all your friends!  

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